30 4 Induction Zones Cooktop

Professional Series


Bertazzoni rangetops and cooktops are superb cooking appliances designed, engineered and made in Italy. All Bertazzoni appliances integrate seamlessly into style-harmonized suites for a true, high-performing kitchen.

Bertazzoni touch-control induction cooktops represent the fastest and most energy-efficient way to cook. With total output of up to 11100 Watts and booster function, full power is available instantly and is delivered directly to the cookware, eliminating inconvenient heat-up time and wasted energy. The induction cooktops come with 4 or 5 individually-controlled extra-large heating zones on a beveled black glass main top. The lateral zones can be bridged to form a larger heating area. Cleaning is super-easy, just spray with glass cleaner and wipe the glass surface clean.

All Bertazzoni appliances are covered by a 2-year warranty. Products and packaging are 99% recyclable.

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  • Size 30 in
  • Type induction
  • Worktop controls touch controls
  • Worktop design ceramic glass bevelled
  • Worktop type induction
  • Number of induction zones 4
  • Worktop
    • Size 30 in
    • Cooking zones 4
    • Number of induction zones 4
    • Worktop type induction
    • Worktop design ceramic glass bevelled
    • Worktop controls touch controls
  • Cooking zones
    • Induction front left (⌀ 8 3/4 in) 2 100 W - 3 700 W
    • Induction back left (⌀ 8 3/4 in) 2 100 W - 3 700 W
    • Induction front right (⌀ 9 1/4 in) 2 100 W - 3 700 W
    • Induction back right (⌀ 11 1/4 in) 2 600 W - 3 700 W
  • Technical specifications
    • Electrical supply 208/240 V - 50/60 Hz - 32 A
    • Power rating 7400 W
30 4 Induction Zones Cooktop | Bertazzoni
Ultra high speed cooking zones

With instant heat up and cool down, our induction technology delivers 60% faster time-to-boil than regular cooktops. Choose from 4 and 5 cooking zone configurations with additional bridge heating zones in our induction models, to give you versatile choices, whatever you are cooking.

Compact and versatile installation

Bertazzoni induction cooktops are designed with a low-profile chassis. This space-saving idea gives you the option to install them over an undercounter built-in oven, optimizing the space in your kitchen.

Automatic cookware detection
  • Smart sensors embedded in the glass surface automatically detect the size of your pans, adjusting the heated area to fit their footprint. This makes heating for each induction zone more focused and efficient.
  • Control the heat instantly with digital precision when you’re cooking any dish. The touch controls for each cooking zone and clear LED display are embedded in the glass top for easy access. The seamless design makes the whole surface easy to clean.
Clean design and safety built-in
  • Cleaning is made easy, thanks to the full ceramic black glass surface. The embedded touch controls mean there are no difficult to reach or hard to clean areas
  • All induction and electric cooktops are designed for safe use day after day. The residual heat indicator lets you see which zones are still hot after they are switched off
  • A built-in child lock stops the appliance being turned on accidentally