Heritage Series

Authentic inspiration. Traditional style. Powerful influence.

The magnificent Heritage Series is built around cooking ranges that would be recognized by Napoleone Bertazzoni in the early 1900s – but they contain the innovative engineering and technology of the 21st century. Authentic in exterior design yet advanced on the interior, these are modern classics, driven by innovation and engineering, with full respect to Bertazzoni’s heritage; something the company is proud to recognize and celebrate. The new Heritage Series ranges feature an exclusive “Bertazzoni Serie Limitata” serial number plate, making each piece unique.

Inspired by tradition

Inspired by the original wood burning stoves that our founder created at the start of the last century, the Heritage Series ranges are controlled by striking rounded chrome knobs. Familiar and comfortable to use, they are a key part of the design character of the series.

A much-loved design

The bright chrome handles found on the Heritage Series are replicas of the handrail found on the original Bertazzoni stoves. The look works across all the series appliances to bring a traditional finish to the kitchen. 

Coordinated Design

The Heritage Series is a seamless solution for the today's kitchen. It is simple to create a kitchen layout that looks beautiful and contains all the technology you could wish for. The freestanding ranges fit effortlessly into any custom designed kitchen. The Heritage Series brings together heritage styling and modern engineering. It is the perfect way to integrate a wide range of cooking machines into your kitchen with an attractive and welcoming traditional look.


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The New Heritage Series ranges are available in a bold stainless steel, textured matt black and the new Avorio gloss finish, and completed by carefully considered stainless steel and chromed details. The classic, elegant finish of our matt black brings a sophisticated and pleasing look to your kitchen. Powder coating is one of the most popular processes used to protect metal, especially for kitchen machines. It is particularly suited to create stunning matt finishes and it is also practical, durable other than stain and scratch resistant. The beautiful new Avorio glossy enamel was inspired by the original wood-burning stoves that Antonio and Napoleone Bertazzoni built in the 1930s. The enameling process creates a very durable finish and makes cooking surfaces easy-to-clean. After almost a century the Bertazzoni designer decided to celebrate the brand heritage by introducing this enamel inspired ivory color on the new models of the Heritage Series ranges.
Discover Collezione Metalli

Now you can add an exquisite personal touch to your Heritage Series appliances with the new Collezione Metalli Décor set.


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How to install Collezione Metalli

The sets are simple to install at home, with no special tools or engineer visit needed. Our video offers an easy step-by-step guide to installation. 


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