The nature sanctuary in the city: a Los Angeles Designer's calming, green take on a 100 year old home

Laurie March, a Maryland native, is a Los Angeles based interior designer and host of HGTV's "The House Counselor". After moving to California and tackling her first remodel almost twenty years ago, Laurie uncovered her passion for taking on a diverse range of design challenges. More than 50 projects later, Laurie has made a name for herself in the LA area, working with a high profile roster.

After moving to a "new" old house in Los Angeles, Laurie wanted to make her city home a place of wellness and relaxation. Her focus was honoring the outdoors, but still prioritizing a personalized yet functional space. Laurie's resulting kitchen explores the concept of "biophilia" — our innate human tendency to seek out and feel joy in nature. Her design centered around scenic green vistas that put you in a relaxed mental state, with a touch of vintage charm to celebrate the 100 year history of the home.

Photos by Lauren Engel.

Capture the magic of the holidays with Bertazzoni

Our beautifully crafted Heritage Series range is at the heart of the kitchen, bringing warmth, style, and unrivaled performance to holiday feasts. The glow of Laurie's Bertazzoni stove sets the stage for memorable moments with loved ones and joyful festivities. The large oven and dual convection system allow for simultaneous baking on 6-different levels while providing optimal heat distribution for the perfect cookies.


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Transforming the home into a holiday masterpiece

The gleaming Bertazzoni stove, adorned with simmering pots and sizzling pans, embodies the art of holiday cooking. Capturing the warmth and magic of the holiday season, Laurie's beautiful Heritage Series range, adorned with gold-plated Collezione Metalli details on the range and the hood, helps transform her kitchen into a festive masterpiece to embrace tradition, celebrate family, and savor every moment. 


Join us in creating a sweet and unforgettable holiday tradition with the Bertazzoni family Filled Cookie recipe!


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Respecting the natural world with design

Watch how Laurie transformed her 100 year old home's kitchen into a space that acknowledges the roots of its past while laying a stunning foundation to bring the outside, in.


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A touch of tradition with the Bertazzoni Heritage Series Range

"I fell in love with the enamel finish warm ivory color of the Heritage Series range on the spot. It immediately caught my eye in a sea of stainless steel — it's rich, and somehow modern and classic at the same time. I'm inspired by the mix of modernity and historical design in this piece — it fit perfectly in my 'new old' house. The metal trim around the oven doors feels both industrial and charming, and the bars and handles on both the range and the hood make it feel elevated and special." - Laurie March


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An ode to wellness and relaxation

"I designed a wall of windows above the countertop that look out on my vertical garden. Our home exists in the middle of the city — but when you look out the windows, all you see by design is greenery. The sink, prep, and clean up functionalities are all integrated into this section of the kitchen." - Laurie March


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Anchoring the statement with a Heritage Series Canopy range hood

"I knew the 48 inch range was going to be the center of my kitchen design, so having a size and color matched gorgeous statement hood gave the space something to anchor it with our high ceilings. It all looks brilliant against my un-oiled soapstone countertops and splash." - Laurie March


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The touch of personalization with the Collezione Metalli Décor Sets

“For me, it was especially intriguing to add an unexpected accent to the appliances. The Bertazzoni Décor Sets as part of the Collezione Metalli selection are available for all range and range hood knobs as well as handle finials. I chose the finish with actual gold plating. This adds a very authentic and 'pride in craftsmanship' element to the space.” - Laurie March


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Food is at the heart of every kitchen

Transforming her space into an Italian Cucina, watch how Laurie March uses her beautiful Bertazzoni Heritage Series Range to prepare delicious handmade pasta from scratch.


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