Steam cooking: healthy options

Cooking food with steam helps retain food's natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Bertazzoni Combi Steam offers 3 ovens in one, offering faster cooking times. Choose from full steam, convection or a combination of the two – convection with steam boosts. To maintain the highest level of nutrients and food texture for vegetables, choose full steam mode. This retains moisture, color, texture and flavor and the vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 that are normally lost during cooking.

features / technologies
Convection steam ovens
  • Maintains highest level of nutrients and texture for vegetables
  • Combination of European convection or broil mode with steam assist function
  • Pure steam cooking mode
  • Widest-in-category cavity size
Harmonised design

The new 30" Combi Steam, Speed Ovens and warming drawers feature smart new design details that match all the appliances in both the Professional and Master Series. Achieve perfect coordination throughout your kitchen with matching styling and handles. The ovens align in stacked or side-by-side layouts with no compromise; all the control panels, user interfaces, handles and windows will line up perfectly.


Explore healthier cooking

Bertazzoni convection steam ovens use water vapor to cook food without harming its nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This healthier method is ideally suited for vegetables and seafood. And the result tastes delicious.