Speed cooking: fast and efficient

Our speed cooking ovens offer the benefits of a multi-function electric convection system and broiler as well as microwave oven and are big enough to cook for the whole family.

Two technologies, twice the speed

By combining three technologies in the versatile Speed oven, you have a great choice of ways to prepare a meal. Whatever dish you are using, there is a mode that will always give you the best results, from convection to regular or broil heating modes. In microwave mode there are five power levels and a boost function. All three heating modes can be used individually or combined into sequential cooking process reducing meal prep times of up to 50%.

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Speed up the cooking time

Enjoy the flexibility of baking, broiling and microwaving in a single oven. Use each cooking mode independently or in combination for amazing results. Prepare meals in up to half the time with the convection microwave mode, without compromising quality, aroma and taste.


Harmonised design

The new 30" Combi Steam, Speed Ovens and warming drawers feature smart new design details that match all the appliances in both the Professional and Master Series. Achieve perfect coordination throughout your kitchen with matching styling and handles. The ovens align in stacked or side-by-side layouts with no compromise; all the control panels, user interfaces, handles and windows will line up perfectly.