Gas cooking: the choice of professionals

Many professional cooks prefer to cook with gas because of its versatility and controllability. And the benefits are appreciated by many home chefs as well as, helping them produce dishes that are beautifully cooked. Bertazzoni gas ovens and gas burners are intuitive to operate and will give you confidence to try new dishes and styles of cooking.

Cook cleanly and efficiently

Gas ovens are ideal for baking fish and roasting meat. Reaching high temperatures quickly, they seal the food, making it crispy on the outside and retaining moisture inside. The non-convection mode is excellent for baking cakes, while the fan-assisted mode ensures an even heat distribution for single and multi-level roasting and baking without flavor crossover. Temperature adjustments are instantaneous, and precise. Bertazzoni gas cooktops are beautiful and practical. Solid brass or Black Monobloc burners ensure infinitely adjustable, even and efficient heating of pans. All range feature a 19,000 BTU dual ring power burner and commercial grade cast iron continuous surface grates. The stainless steel work stamped out of one piece features radius corners and surface transitions allowing for easy and fast cleaning.

features / technologies
High-efficiency gas maintop design
  • Single piece stainless maintop with spill-prevention barriers
  • Sealed high-performance power burners and reduced distance between flame and cookware, providing category-leading time-to-boil performance
  • Larger distance between burners to follow for multiple pans
  • Product shown features brass burners, available on select models
Power burner
  • 19,000 BTUs and dual ring of flame with precise heat control and delivery to sear and simmer
  • Two power burners on all 6 burner configuration ranges
  • Thermocouple Safety deviced installed on every gas burner on maintop and oven - allows flow of gas only when flame is present
High-efficiency gas rangetop

Our gas rangetops now boast more space, with a 15% larger cooking surface, so you can easily fit any cookware you need at the right time. Our engineers have also optimized the distance between the flame and cookware for super-fast time-to-boil and best-in-class-energy efficiency, while maintaining the most delicate simmer setting.


Gas oven cavity
  • Largest cavity in its class
  • Precision temperature control through adjustable gas burner and flame providing the highest temperature accuracy in its class
  • Dual fan system distributes heat evenly inside the oven cavity, preventing hot spots and heat shadows and allowing multi-level baking and roasting
  • Simultaneous 7 multi level cooking
  • Full-width extra powerful infrared gas broiler integrated in the cavity ceiling panel for perfect broling and grilling
Designed for speed and efficiency
  • Category-leading time-to-boil water - under 6 minutes
  • Dual ring power burners for sear and simmer
  • Multiple size monobloc burners
  • Continous surface cast iron contour grates
  • Thermocouple safety device standard on every burner
  • Product shown features brass burners, available on select models