Bertazzoni Dishwashers: Powerful, efficient, silent

After the meal has been prepared and enjoyed, it is time for the clean up. It’s an essential task that Bertazzoni takes seriously as a key aspect of kitchen design.

Clean design, clean dishes

Bertazzoni is proud to introduce an entirely new and highly innovative dishwasher portfolio of models, with choices that match the style of all three design series. With a selection of 24" and 18" models, spanning tall and standard tub versions, along with the latest technology, they are enormously versatile. Loaded with state-of-the-art cleaning features, leading energy efficiency and sound stealth engineering know-how, this line up has it all. Match panel ready installation options with your kitchen cabinets or stainless steel front panels. Their elegant looks are matched by their exceptional cleaning performance with almost silent operation.

features / technologies
Deep Cleaning Technology

Up to 8 wash cycles and 7 function options, providing maximum cleaning power. The upper basket features an additional high-pressure power wash rail (on select models).


DirectWash technology deep cleans tall glasses and bottles more efficiently than ever before (on select models).


Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for eliminating 99.99 percent of most common household bacteria.


New Power Drying System

The PowerDry Plus system substantially improves the drying performance especially on glasses and plastic dishes. The fan assist feature is guiding steam into a condensation channel, from where the water is pump out of the dishwasher.


Dual Pump Efficiency

The dual pump wash system improves cleaning results, with separate pumps for circulation and draining. The result is improved wash quality and separation of fresh from drained water.


The quiet, efficient and long-lasting dual brushless pump system features an electrical diverter, dirt sensor and triple-stage metal filter.


Coarse, fine and micro filtering for excellent cleaning, helping to avoid pump blockage.


Best in class energy efficiency. All Bertazzoni dishwashers are Energy Star rated.


Versatile Loading Options

The flexible and foldable third rack with dedicated spray arm is perfect for flatware, silverware and smaller items. The height adjustable middle rack can be moved to create space even when the basket is fully loaded.


More Light and Space

The tall tub technology in the 24" stainless steel or panel installed versions can take up to 16 place settings, with space for extralarge cookware and serving dishes.


The third rack and interior tub LED light grants improved visibility while loading and unloading your dishwasher (on select models).


Stealth Silent Engineering

Virtually silent operation with buffered motor mountings offer up to 39 dB(A) with Stealth mode (on select models).


Seamless Design

Professional, Master or Heritage Series handle styles are available to match the rest of your Bertazzoni cooking and refrigeration appliances.


Personalize your appliance with Collezione Metalli décor sets. Heritage Series handles are available in Gold, Copper, and Black Nickel décor sets. For your Master Series handles, choose from Black Nickel and Satin Gold décor sets.


Collezione Metalli Heritage Series


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