Bertazzoni Unveils the New Heritage Series, Transforming its Classic Offering with Enhanced Style and Standout Performance Features

Building on its six-generation family legacy, Bertazzoni is debuting its new Heritage Series ranges and range hoods, re-envisioning its line of classic products, which are inspired by the company’s original designs from the early 20th Century.

Completing the Bertazzoni portfolio’s reinvigoration, the Heritage Series ushers the brand into a new chapter with innovative styling elements, including new finishes, solid metal handles and knobs and functionality updates. The Heritage Series is now offered in Ivory Enamel, a beautiful, era-inspired finish; Matte Black on Metal, a confident statement with textured appeal; and Brushed & Polished Stainless Steel, a new finish for Heritage ranges that features a professional-grade, versatile aesthetic.

“While the Heritage Series’ stunning style is what typically creates a first impression, its performance features are what create lasting impact for homeowners, making the appliance a go-to for daily use and inspiration,” said Valentina Bertazzoni, Head of Brand and Style and sixth-generation family member. “This truly encapsulates the best of Italian engineering and design.” 

What’s more, to reinforce that every range is the work of craftsmen, each range bears a “Bertazzoni Serie Limitata” (limited series) plate with a uniquely engraved production number.

Stay tuned for more details about the new Heritage Series -set to launch to the North American market in June 2019.