An Eye-Catching Tasting Room in the Heart of Brooklyn
In 1977, Neal Rosenthal founded Rosenthal Wine Merchant in New York City. Presenting the finest examples of wine made in the classical western European tradition, this family-run company understands wine is an agricultural product that, in its best and purest form, must reflect a specific sense of place.

When looking for the new Rosenthal Wine Merchant headquarters, the vision was to create a space for discovering the stories of places and people worldwide through food, wine, and excellent conversations. It was essential to find a location that provided a sense of weightlessness, rising above the hustle of the city while remaining part of the energy. When the team discovered this Brooklyn location, the magnificent views of Manhattan and Brooklyn and the incredible waterways defined the spirit they set out to convey.

Architect Andrew Kracht of Pseudonym Studios

"At Rosenthal Wine Merchant, we work with multi-generational, family-run businesses from Europe that pride themselves on quality. Bertazzoni checked all of those boxes. The design and performance integrity of the Bertazzoni products of course attracted us, but even more profoundly, the company’s long history as a family-owned business deeply resonated with us. "


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Setting the scene starts with location

"My design aesthetic is always less is more, and I wanted to emphasize the view and capture the elegance of the open space. In building the office, we always knew we wanted a fully functional performance space with a beautiful kitchen and tasting bar where we could showcase our wines and specialty foods in an environment they deserved."


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Anchoring the space with beautiful appliances

"The space is inviting and functional for us to host in-depth tastings and elaborate meals. The Bertazzoni appliances stand as beautiful centerpieces, creating the ideal experience we desired for our staff, clients, and guests."


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Designed to keep your wine at its best

"The prominence and upscale design of the double door wine columns make a fitting home for wines from our portfolio, and the lattice work that flanks the refrigerator is evocative of a trellis in a vineyard."


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A welcoming space designed to host

"Our objective was to present an elegant, beautifully crafted space where our team and guests would feel elevated above their daily routines but also completely at home, a space where each and every material and object was thoughtfully selected and of the highest quality possible."


Photo by Christine Han Photography


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