Torta cioccolatina

Torta Cioccolatina literally means chocolate candy cake and comes from the sensation you have in eating it: it melts in your mouth like a chocolate candy! They are served as small cubes like in a chocolate box.It's almost impossible to stop eating this delicious morsels sitting around the table with your family, even after a rich Christmas lunch. If you make very small cubes you needn’t feel too guilty.


4 eggs
70 g flower
200 g sugar
150 g butter
200 g dark chocolate
1 small bag vanillin (vanilla extract)
1 pinch of salt


Mix sugar and yolks in a big bowl until you have a smooth creme. Put a metal bowl (or a pot in case you do not have one) in the freezer for a while. Use this cold metal bowl to beat the eggs white till stiff with a pinch of salt.
 Blend the yellow cream and the whites together taking care to mix from up to down in circle. Melt the chocolate and the butter a bain-marie. Add to the main mixture and then the flower and the vanillin. Cook in your Bertazzoni oven at 140°C for 30 mins, or 25 mins if you have a gas oven. The Torta Cioccolatina should remain moist inside, like a chocolate candy. 
Decorate with powdered sugar and serve cut in small cubes.