Steamed daily fish

Who has ever tasted the delicious flavour of freshly baked bread, when it has just come out of a steam oven? The secret lies in the steaming, which does not "dry" the bread, making its crumb soft and its surface crispy. Nowadays steam ovens have become increasingly common in our homes, as steam cooking enhances flavours, preserves nutrients, does not require oil, or grease and makes food healthier and lighter. This recipe, whose ingredients can vary according to your taste, provides for the steaming of fish and several vegetables, including celeriac, which is not so fashionable in Italy, but is very popular in northern Europe. The recommended dressing is a tasty green sauce made with anchovies, capers and parsley.



4 200g/7oz fish fillets

100g/3.5oz celeriac

100g/3.5 peas

200g/7oz green beans

200g/7oz new potatoes

200g/7oz asparagus

100g/3.5 turnip greens

200g/7oz cauliflower

8 hardtacks


For the green sauce:

2 salted anchovies, olive oil

2 hard-boiled yolks,

8 olives

30g/1oz capers,

1clove garlic

20g/0.7oz pine nuts

40g/1.4oz parsley,

breadcrumbs, vinegar q.s.


Prepare the green sauce: whisk all the ingredients together and add a little bit of oil. Use half of the garlic to rub the hardtacks. Set everything aside. Peel the vegetables and cut them into small, similar pieces. Cut celeriac into cubes. Separate the flower buds of the cauliflower. Arrange three perforated baking trays to be used for steam ovens and set the oven on steam mode. Place the first baking tray - with new potatoes, cauliflowers and celeriac cubes - on level 1, the first level starting from the bottom. Set the cooking time to 10 minutes and start baking. After 6 minutes place the second baking tray - where you will have arranged turnip greens, asparagus and green beans – on level 2. After 1 minute place the last baking tray - with fish fillets and peas - on level 4. Keep cooking for 3 more minutes. Serve the fillets and the vegetables with green sauce and hardtacks.