Speed oven: three ovens in one!

If the time you can devote to cooking is limited, but you do not want to compromise either on quality or on taste, a speed oven is what you need, because it combines a traditional and a microwave oven in a single product, reducing the cooking time by approximately 40%! A speed oven can be used not only in combined mode, but also as a traditional fan-assisted oven, as a full width electric grill, or as a microwave. It 's like having three ovens merged into one! So this is an ideal product for today’s tiny kitchens, which are required to be both performing and flexible, two qualities that you can find in all our products, from segmented hobs to hybrid ovens, combined steam ovens, and, of course, speed ovens. 

Although traditional ovens cook any dish perfectly, it is also true that the heat generated by electricity or gas penetrates the food from the outside, with a considerable waste of energy. On the contrary, in a microwave oven, electromagnetic waves move the molecules within the food, so that the heat propagates from inside outward, avoiding any heat loss and offering much lower cooking or warming up times compared to those required by a conventional oven, with considerable energy saving and a better retention of the nutrients in foods, including proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, due to the faster cooking times and the small amount of liquid used. Not only that, even the defrosting of foods is quicker. Furthermore, a speed oven offers you the possibility to cook without or with very little fat, regenerating food without dehydrating it, so you can retain the flavour and clean the pots more easily, since they do not form any scalings. It is also very practical, as the very same container in which food is prepared can be used as a serving dish. These advantages are to be added to those of a conventional oven, for a perfect result!
Bertazzoni speed oven is versatile and easy to use, with a large cavity, 6 levels of microwave power, an electric multifunction oven featuring 15 automatic cooking programmes and an electric grill.
In addition to the typical functions performed by a normal microwave oven, such as fast cooking, regenerating, dehydration and defrosting, a speed oven also allows you to cook in a traditional manner, in convection mode and with the grill. Among the different methods of cooking, in addition to convection, you can select: convection broiler – whose grill element is the size of the oven cavity - traditional microwave, broiler microwave, broiler, and convection microwave.
For example, if you want to cook a delicious dish of crispy potatoes in a very short time, you just have to cut them into thin slices, pat them dry, place them on the grill trivet for tray in the oven for a few minutes, at a very high temperature, selecting the broiler microwave mode, until they have taken on a golden colour. The broiler microwave mode is also suitable for cooking lasagna, baked pasta, chicken and for grilling any type of dish. The convection broiler mode, instead, can be used to make meat, fish, chicken and potatoes crispier, while the convection mode is used to cook roasts and desserts quickly.
Finally, some suggestions for safely operating a speed oven: some products, such as whole eggs in their shells, should not be cooked in microwave mode, for they might explode, as it can happen with sealed containers. For the same reason, you should always prick the skin of apples, potatoes, sausages, tomatoes, etc. before you cook them in a microwave. Lids should also be fitted with small holes to let steam seep. Moreover, not all types of containers are suitable for use in a speed oven: if porcelain and earthenware in refractory materials, glass and pyroceram can be used, metal or crystal containers should be avoided.