Rosa di Parma

When cooking is an art, a rose appears at the center of each slice of beef tenderloin roast, in a trio of ingredients: Parma dry-cured ham and flakes of Parmesan cheese, on the background of beef tenderloin roast. La Rosa di Parma – literally Parma rose - is a superb compendium of culinary knowledge, a summit of Emilia-Romagna food culture. A dish boasting a unique flavour, a blending of plain and mountain taste, it has a generous heart made of ham and cheese in a soft body of beef tenderloin. It is a real treat, capable of turning any lunch into a success, a true celebration, accompanied by Lambrusco wine, which "has the colour of ruby, smells like violets, foams like beer and champagne" as poet Luigi Bertelli wrote in the nineteenth century.

(serve 4)
600g/21oz beef tenderloin
40g/1.4oz Parmesan flakes
100g/3.5oz dry-cured ham
3 cloves garlic
1 sprig rosemary
70ml/2.3fl oz red wine
20ml/0.7fl oz Marsala wine
1dl/3.3fl oz cream
60ml/2fl oz evo oil
30g/1oz butter
salt, pepper

Cut the beef tenderloin into a large steak and pound to tenderize it. Season with salt and pepper, then spread the slices of ham and Parmesan flakes over the steak. Roll and tie the tenderloin like a roast, using some cooking twine. Put a pan on the induction hob and brown the tenderloin at medium-high power, without using any butter or oil. 


Add previously chopped rosemary and garlic and roast for a few seconds. Dilute the cooking juice with red wine and Marsala and cook for about half an hour on low-power. Remove the meat, add the cream to the cooking juice and cook on for a few minutes.


Roast the tenderloin at a180°C/355°F temperature in an electric convection oven. Insert the food probe into the thickest part of the meat and continue cooking until the meat has reached the temperature of 50°C/120°F. Once done, wait for a while before you cut the tenderloin into thick slices. Cover with the sauce and serve.