The Italian tradition believes that on the sunrise of St. Johns (24th June is San Giovanni) is the right time to harvest the drupes (nuts) used to prepare “il nocino”. It seemed like the dew from the night before, between June 23rd and June 24th, was a relief for all our pains and if we want to go deeper into our memories and traditions, the 30 nuts had to be collected under the moonlight and cut with a crystal knife.The time of harvesting is very important because the nuts are neither soft nor hard and can be cut in half or in quarters.

Place the nuts in a glass container covered with one kilo of pure alcohol at 90°, some cinnamon, some cloves and some lemon rind. The mixture must be kept in a dark room until autumn.When this period has passed add 600 g of sugar boiled in 400 ml of water and leave at rest for 10 days. Then filter with a hempen-cloth, pour into very nice glass bottles and forget them in the cellar for some months, one year …or even more …the older it gets the better it is.TipUse protective gloves when you cut the nuts.