Loaves of bread in three colours

If you want to get an idea of its importance, just look for the word “bread” on Google and scroll through millions of visualizations, in any language. You can also flip through any encyclopaedia or dictionary and check the space that the word occupies. According to archeology, bread has always been a loyal and valuable companion of humanity, since the times of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. In Italy alone there are about 250 types of traditional bread, produced with wheat flour: more or less 25 different types of bread made in the bakeries of each single region. Not to mention corn bread and the bread made from rye, hulled wheat and whole wheat flour. This is how to make white, yellow and brown bread!



500g/17.6oz pastry flour
10g/0.3oz yeast
12g/0.4oz salt

White bread:
240ml/8fl oz water
25g/0.8oz evo oil
½ teaspoon sugar

Yellow bread (saffron):
300ml/10fl oz water
25g/0.8oz butter
2g/0.07oz saffron


Brown bread (cocoa):
270ml/9fl oz water
50g/1.7oz evo oil
13g/0.4oz unsweetened cocoa


Follow the same mixing instructions for the three types of bread: arrange the flour, then add the warm water after dissolving the yeast, the sugar and possibly the colouring ingredient (saffron or cocoa) into it. When the water has been absorbed, add the extra virgin olive oil, or the butter and the salt. Knead vigorously until the dough gets smooth and homogeneous. Set the oven on "proofing" mode.

Let the doughs rest in the oven for about 20 minutes, in an oiled baking tray. Remove the three coloured doughs from the oven and shape them. You can flavour the white one with dried or dehydrated fruit, or with dried herbs and spices. Let the doughs rise again for about 80/90 minutes, until their volume has doubled. Keep using the “proofing” mode. Once you have obtained the correct degree of leavening, remove the doughs from the oven, then set it on convection mode and pre-heat it to a 210°C/410°F temperature.

Once the right temperature has been reached, bake your loaves until they get golden brown. It will take about fifteen