Imola and the Santerno Valley: engineering, history and gastronomy

If you've never been to Imola and you find yourself in its neighbourhoods, stop and visit the Sforza Fortress, the noble palaces of the old town and its numerous churches. Among these St. Cassian Martyr’s Basilica stands out. It is an ancient, thirteenth-century cathedral that has undergone many changes over the centuries. It epitomizes the essence of the town charm.

Imola and its surroundings - which are set in the center of Emilia-Romagna - cannot but take pride in their excellent regional cuisine. In fact, this is the ideal place to taste passatelli (a sort of homemade noodles served in a broth - to name just one of the many types of local pasta), casatella (a type of soft cheese) and the well-known piadina romagnola (very thin flatbread), not to mention the celebrated apricots.

People who love sports and engines will find themselves in the very heart of speed on two or four wheels: here is Imola’s world-famous autodrome, an integral part of Formula 1 history.

The town's surroundings have a lot to offer to those who are fond of hiking and nature.

The Santerno Valley, in fact, offers a beautiful route along the river. You can learn more about the area as you start leaving the town behind. It is wonderful to lose your way in the middle of this landscape and so is crossing these hills, which are so suitable for the cultivation of apricots and much more!

Another extraordinary experience is walking through the vineyards. You can appreciate the transformation of the landscape, punctuated by the seasons, and attend the town's preparations for the most important events of the year. Here agriculture and culture blend. In Casalfiumanese, for instance, an apricot festival is held annually. It is an opportunity to discover a product which makes this region and its traditions so special.

So let yourself be enchanted by the engineering, the history and the cuisine that make these places unique.