Ferrara antique market and old time objects

If you know Ferrara well enough and you have already let yourself be enchanted by its Renaissance atmosphere, its food and its Este architecture, we would like to give you a tip on how to get to know the town even better and experience a real journey into the past. No time machine is needed, to be sure, when you can reach out for the objects and touch them, observing them closely, purchasing some of them and finally preserving them jealously as a memory of a distant time.


The inhabitants of Ferrara know it well, but many antique lovers come from far away to see it: we are referring to the Antique market and old time objects, which is held every first weekend of each month in Piazza Trento e Trieste! An unmissable event for lovers of antiques of all types, from furniture to vintage items of daily use, to small jewels. With a little experience and a little luck you can find just the item you are seeking for your collection, or simply the inspiration about adorning your house with a particular object, that will charm both your family and friends. There's something to suit all tastes!


Be inspired by the beauty of the Cathedral, dominating the square and begin your journey into the past. Observe the objects first and try to identify the detail that makes them so special. Let the vendors tell you the story of the objects that you would like to purchase.

Whether you are an antique collector, a design enthusiast, an interior design lover, or simply curious, you will find here unique items that will tell you their unrepeatable stories and provide you with glimpses of the tastes and stories of those who once owned these objects, which were cared for, admired and put on display.


It will be like travelling through time. You will have the opportunity to buy some objects, giving them a new life and a new story. What are you waiting for?