A day out in Viareggio

Last Saturday my family and I made a day out in Viareggio, in Versilia the Tuscany Coast of the Mediterranean sea. As it was a sunny and warm winter day we went for a stroll on the beach now empty of people and umbrellas.

Viareggio is a quite interesting place. Facing the seafront, Passeggiata a Mare, there are beautiful buildings in liberty architecture.

We were delighted to find one of the beach establishment open and serving food. My choice was for a light dish, that could be an idea for a tasty appetizer or a light meal, Insalata di polpo. Octopus Salad, is easy to prepare and healthy.

What I found quite curious are the bathing establishments: their entrances to the beach are built along the style of the seafront buildings. The arches and the signs are liberty, eclectic and art deco and many of them have been beautifully restored to their original splendour of early 1900.

It is a nice contrast with the idea of easy going life that beaches bring along. Also the font used in the signs belong to the same époque and bear a resemblance with the typefont of our original Bertazzoni Logo.

I really enjoyed shooting pictures, seeing an artistic touch where it is not expected.