Cuts of meat

Here are a few tips to obtain an excellent meat dish. First and foremost it is essential to know how to choose the suitable cutting. I have listed for you, below, the main types of cooking, next to the recommended cuts of meat, both in British English and American English, when the words differed.

1. BOILED MEAT: plate, brisket, thick rib.
2. BRAISED MEAT: plate, shank, shin, leg.
3. BROTHS: brisket, shank, foreshank, shin, leg, tail.
4. CASSEROLES: round, topside, silverside, shank, foreshank, shin, leg.
5. ESCALOPES: rump.
6. FILETS: tenderloin.
7. GOULASH: brisket.
8. HAMBURGERS: flank, plate.
9. MEAT SAUCE: flank, plate.
10. MINCED MEAT: flank, plate.
11. POT ROASTS: shank, round, thick flank.
12. ROAST BEEF: ribs, rump, sirloin.
13. ROAST MEAT: plate, brisket, round, round steak, topside, chuck, brisket, thick rib.
14. SIRLOIN STEAKS: sirloin.
16. STEAKS: sirloin, short loin, rib.
17. STEWS: plate, round, topside, silverside, thick flank.
18. STUFFED VEAL ROLL: plate, flank.