Asparagus rolls with cherry tomatoes

Well before the arrival of swallows, it is the sprouting of asparagus which announces the arrival of spring. These archaic looking vegetables, resembling an artist’s brush turned towards the sky, have been considered as treasure chests of healthy nutrients since antiquity. Asparagus are also easy to cook. You can prepare delicious dishes in a short time. They can be combined with fried eggs, or simply steamed and eaten with a little olive oil, lemon and a pinch of salt. They are also perfect as an ingredient for crepes, risottos and lasagna. The asparagus rolls that we are presenting to you have been created as a tasty appetiser, but they may very well serve as an unusual and tasty main course, preferably on a warm spring Sunday.


200g/7oz Parmesan
10g/0.3oz butter
150g/5fl oz milk
50g/1.7floz fresh cream
35g/1.2oz all purpose flour
36 asparagus
100g/3.5oz cherry tomatoes
12 sheets phyllo dough
evo oil q.s.
basil q.s.
garlic q.s.
Marinate the cherry tomatoes with garlic and basil in a bowl. Season with salt and a little olive oil and set them aside. Meanwhile clean the asparagus and bake them for a few minutes - 3 minutes will suffice - in a steam oven, on "full steam" mode. Prepare a Parmesan fondue in a saucepan, on your gas hob, by combining the butter, the flour, the cream and the milk. Simmer over low heat until the sauce has thickened, then remove it from the burner. Add the Parmesan cheese, whipping vigorously, then let it cool. Pour the sauce into a sac-à-poche, or pastry bag. Cut 24 rectangles out of 12 phyllo dough sheets and unite them two by two. Prepare the rolls by placing 3 asparagus and a portion of Parmesan fondue on each rectangle. Roll up carefully and sprinkle with a little oil. Arrange the rolls in the baking tray and bake them, in bake mode, at a 170°C/340°F temperature for about 10 minutes, until they turn golden brown. Serve along with the cherry tomatoes, you will have removed from the marinade.