Stainless Steel

Bertazzoni engineers demand the highest grade stainless steel for our appliances. It starts with sheets of highly polished steel that are put through a three step process to prepare them. First, they are lightly brushed to add texture to the surface. The steel is then treated under pressure to compact the brushing, which creates a visually interesting surface that is beautifully smooth to the touch. Finally, an invisible anti-fingerprint finish is applied, which protects the steel and makes it very easy to clean. Once delivered to the Bertazzoni factory, the stainless steel goes through different industrial processes, depending on what it will be used for. So it might be laser cut to create a specific shape or moulded to make seamless one-piece worktops. In keeping with Bertazzoni’s approach, all of the welding is done by highly-skilled craftsmen. All this attention to detail results in stainless steel finishes that are both beautiful and practical.