Bertazzoni Kitchen Suites

Introduce your home to the authentic pleasures of a Bertazzoni. These cooking machines from the heart of Italy combine sophisticated engineering and the smile of real style.
To increase customer choice, Bertazzoni has created a full-line integrated package. Products fit into three distinctive style suites. These coordinated sets of appliances with matching handles, knobs, steel and interfaces create a consistent look and feel in the kitchen.
There are built-in ovens for installation singly or in combinations, electric ranges with induction cooktops, 48-inch gas ranges, built-in cooktops and high-performance ventilation hoods. The new category of refrigerators and dishwashers adds to the harmonious suite of compatible products.
Bertazzoni cooking machines feature the latest electric, induction, gas and control technologies. They respect the environment, deliver excellent fuel efficiency, and are built with a profound appreciation of the importance of food in your life.
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