A Rousing Reconfiguration for Swedish Home

Highly esteemed Swedish architect, Vasco Trigueiros, delighted in the appointment of his firm to completely remodel an apartment on one of central Stockholm’s longest streets, Birger Jarlsgatan. Its location, simply iconic and thanks to the Trigueiros Architectures´ team, its interior is now a sight to behold.

Twelve months in the making, the Birger Jarlsgatan apartment has been reconfigured to deliver the perfect room composition, thanks to relocating the kitchen to the heart of the home. Tasked with delivering character and style, Vasco’s team achieved exactly that, selecting Bertazzoni appliances to bring the client’s vision to life.

When modern meets classic

For many, cooking signifies the coming together of family or friends to delight in the joy of freshly-prepared food, but doing so in the right ambience can elevate the meal, making it even more memorable.


When designing this special space, Vasco and his team considered the appliances from the very beginning, selecting pieces that would add to the kitchen, aesthetically and practically, but without dominating or taking away from the overall space.


“Bertazzoni appliances are unassumingly beautiful,” enthused Vasco. "Modern in functionality, but classic in design, they ooze Italian quality and detail, offering a timeless addition to any kitchen space.”


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The art of collaboration

“The whole kitchen is Italian and there is a reason for this,” said Vasco. “Working with Italian designers and manufacturers is a process we have come to love, because they don’t just follow our orders, nor do we want them to. Italian’s respect what we do and work with us, rather than for us, to help us achieve our design goals. They share our passion for bringing a vision to life and care almost as much as we do about creating a feeling, as well as a look, in a room.


“Together, we listen. How does it make us feel? The room, the colours, the materials, the products - we listen to everyone that comes in to that room, whether they are a designer or not, there is always something to be learnt from listening, it is so important. We then hear, we adapt and we create, collaboratively.”


Photography by Adam Helbaoui


A winning combination

The Bertazzoni Air-Tec range cooker’s ability to combine three high-functioning appliances into one modest, yet stunning, unit – oven, induction hob and integrated extractor – is a testament to the Italian craftsmanship with which it was created.


“As an architect, designing a kitchen can be hindered by large appliances dominating and dictating the space and this can detract from the overall design, but that’s absolutely not the case here,” Vasco continued. “The Air-Tec is an incredibly unique proposition, offering valuable space efficiencies with zero compromise on design or quality. It is an achievement I know only Bertazzoni to have made, in such an elegant way.”


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Complimenting & connecting

Vasco knew this kitchen would be one for entertaining and so a refrigerator that not only looked good, but function and capacity were essential, too.

“I knew I wanted this fridge for the project from the moment I saw it. Grand in size and capabilities, but without being distracting, it perfectly divides the left and right side of the kitchen, complimenting and connecting the space in a beautiful way.”


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The difference is in the detail

“To us, beauty is found in the small details – materials selected, locations chosen for cabinetry, appliances and furnishings, the use of glass and natural and man-made light. It is important that we always stay focussed on the minor details at every step of the design and delivery process, never losing sight of the vision we are trying to achieve.”


The collaborative approach at Birger Jarlsgatan has created a kitchen with an appreciation of good conversation at its epicentre. There are places for children to sit and interact with their parents while cooking, whether it be from the island seating or window sofa with city views, dialogue will be in abundance for whoever is fortunate enough to be ‘chef’ in this kitchen.


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